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About Us

Have you ever felt alone in this battle against education system? Under the pressure of deadlines, haunted by professors, betrayed by scammers, you feel you have no one to rely on with all those essays and other college crap. We've been there too. We feel your pain.

Who We Are

To keep anonymous, we are not going to reveal our names. Actually, it doesn’t matter who we are and where we are from. We are friends. And we believe college students should stick together to survive the college years.

You are here for the truth and tips. We are here to provide you with both.

We want to show you the real face of essay writing industry today and warn you of scams.

What We Do

  1. We research the market and analyze the options.
  2. We only post information that is proved to be right.
  3. No gossips or jokes here!

It is your choice to trust the information or not. But if you do, you can totally use it for your benefit.

Why We Do That

We stand for truth, justice and quality writing of course. We are not here to moralize and tell you not to buy essays. The project BuyEssay.info aims to answer the question — HOW to do it right. Again, it is not a propaganda, and it’s totally your choice — to buy or not to buy.