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Homework-desk.com Review

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The ability to impress makes it possible for anyone to try out things. When that is lacking, no one would give a second thought. Homework-desk.com is an example of the latter. Before using any academic site, students are interested in learning about the agency. However, the poor About Us information available at homework-desk.com will send anyone parking. Any efforts to proceed after encountering this can be termed as a personal effort and not any initiated by the company.

Site Usability

Looking at the site, it is a well organized design for anyone visiting especially with the good blue colors. However, there is still room for improvement using little adjustments here and there. For now, students can know the path to follow to make inquiries, place an order and get the finished work right from the home page. This is a good sign of a site that is headed to the right direction though not there still.

Services, Prices, Features

For many students, high prices tagged on academic services will just put them off. Here, homework-desk.com has set high prices that are way too high above standard market prices. The minimum cost of $ 16.99 is unimaginable for the would-be customers. However, the wide range of services offered by the service is looking trustful for all site users.

Paper Quality and Support

Even with the highly priced services, the quality of paper produce was not top-notch. Users coming to the site can only expect an average paper. One can get lucky of getting an improved version after several revisions. However, this is not guaranteed.


Well, homework-desk.com is definitely a good site for custom writing services. However, there could be better sites when it comes to complete professionalism and quality of service. While there could be good signs here and there, students are not completely sure of the kind of services to expect and if any, they can only trust to get something that will get them off the “PASS” mark.

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