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A serious student will quickly check into the about us page to establish the type of agency he or she will be engaging for their work. Even with this important factor, students will unlikely get enough information to convince them to use a-writer.com. There is poor content defining the agency’s services and how they are delivered. Users can easily shy away from such information that apparently is not leading them in the right direction.

Site Usability

The website’s design is very simple and may make students think twice before committing to it. Such simplicity shows a lack of enough ideas and creativity needed to establish a great online site. One may fear that the same would be replicated in doing the assignments. Other than that, there is also bad navigation ability throughout the site. Information appears to be scattered all over and getting to what is needed may take some time.

Services, Prices, Features

The minimum price set by a-writer.com is $21.99, which is exceedingly high for any student who wants to save their heard-earned cash. Even with the urgency needed to get assistance, the high price tag will just put them off. With a live chat feature, communication is expected to be highly enhanced but that may not be the case here.

Paper Quality and Support

Despite promising to offer help in different levels of learning, the paper work quality for the high school level was wanting. Taking the paper back for revision was time consuming and the support staff took long to understand and respond to personal requests on adjustments to be made. Even after all that, quality was still a big issue and was not worth the time and money invested.


A-writer.com is not the place to ask for services directly without doing a lot of inquiries. There are obviously many other useful sites out there that can guarantee quality and timely submissions of finished work. The experience of getting help from a-writer.com was wanting by far.

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