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ultius writing service review

A United States company based in Nevada since 2010. Company expertise: writing and editing services. The company owns one website, offering essay writing service to high school, college, university students of different academic levels.

Website: http://www.ultius.com/


Prices start at $21 per page


Number of Free Revisions 7 days to request a revision
Money Back Guarantee no
Minimal deadline 3 hours

Payment options:

AMEX, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Pay Pal

Real Work Examples:

Gender Inequality in the United States Today

Website: https://www.ultius.com

Word of Mouth

The site is in ‘do not discuss’ list at essayscum.org so no genuine reviews can be found. However, the company did appear in the discussion, when their fake testimonials were revealed. It appeared that Ultius guys ordered fake video testimonials at fiverr.com with actors instead of real customers.

The video was later removed but the questions remain: Why would a trusted reputable company order fake review if they have satisfied customers from over 40 countries (as claimed on site) who could do that for free? And second – if the video testimonials are not fake how can the company guarantee confidentiality and then disclose testimonials of customers with promotional purpose?

Reviewed Website


The design is modern with a short thematic video on the first screen. Apart of video there is practically nothing informative on the homepage – just several benefits and customer testimonials.

The pricing guide is very clear with academic writing and business writing pricing tables. You can also use price calculator to count your order price in advance. Ultius also has the blog where you can find a variety of topics. If you don’t get lost in all website pages you will find a lot of information about Ultius services, About company, How it Works, Legal Terms and so on.

The general opinion of the website is positive, a lot of content proves the guys want you to learn as much as possible about the service before ordering it.

Order Process

You can create an account or login via Facebook (with a guarantee of no personal info disclosure).
The order form is filled in 3 steps: Order Information — Confirm Details — Payment

The order information takes several minutes to fill — Ultius requires to provide academic level, subject, topic, type of paper, format, number of pages and number of sourced used. Additional information is not obligatory.

To confirm your order you have to provide a lot of personal information — including phone number and dial-in pin. Then you can proceed to payment.

The one-page double spaced essay with the deadline of 10 days costs me 24 USD.

Tricky thing! When the order was in process we tried to check and fill in one more order with similar instructions. This time the calculated cost was 30USD — for identical order. We couldn’t figure out how this is possible — just the information to keep in mind for you.

Order 1 Price

Order 2 Price

The payment process was not smooth. We’ve proceeded with payment and got a notification about the new order. A couple of days later we’ve logged in to the admin panel and saw that the order is unpaid so nobody started working on it. No notification or reminder was sent to the email about that. We’ve wrote an e-mail to the address of Ultius support, but there was no reply. So we’ve contacted support via chat and it took them almost an hour  (and a bunch of standard useless questions) to get to the point. Obviously, the payment process was interrupted and transaction was declined. We had to complete the payment again, though it was not our fault and none apologized for the time wasted.

Order delivery:

Order Placed: March 2
Order Complete: March 11
Order in process: 9 days
Delivered: 1 day in advance

Paper Quality

The all in all quality of paper is satisfactory. The main idea of Gender Inequality in Modern US is revealed properly. No obvious grammar or stylistics mistakes were found except ‘leadership rolls’ instead ‘leadership roles’ — the mistake which could be easily avoided if anyone proofread the paper.

Another disappointing fact was the wrong title of the paper written in CAPS in the Running head — it was CYCLE JUVENILE JUSTICE instead of Gender Inequality which caused doubts. We’ve asked for revision, of course.

Tricky thing! Read the revision guidelines before asking for revision. Ultius provides revision within 3 days deadline — if you choose to assign less than 3 days for revision it will cost you additional money.

Though we’ve chosen 3 days deadline for revision it was actually completed in 1 day. The writer apologized for sending the wrong file. Again, the proof of no control and proofreading.



  • english native-speaking writing
  • satisfactory quality of work
  • able to deliver before deadline


  • no money back guarantee
  • no proofreading
  • bad support
  • tricky payment system

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