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Essays24 custom writing agency is just another online writing platform – no unique captivating features. It's seems to be unusual for One Freelance Limited not to define their site, but is their site for sure. The arrangement of the entire site and fonts used are not pleasant. They don’t give users a welcoming impression that promises solutions to what they are looking for. Totally missing about us page look like scam attempt. But let the facts speak for themselves.

Site Usability

The services pages of Essay24 look really poor. The blue, grey and green color shades don’t give a good impression. Most of the things are scattered all over the home page and priorities set wrong in trying to define who is and what the company stands for. At the sight of this online custom writing service, there is no push to get help from this site.

Services, Prices, Features

Looking at the testimonials from this site, they appear unnatural. Having pre-paid custom writing services was really good, but there are a dozen problems with delivered final version of the work. The sample section contains already written topics but not easy to review causing users to make unnecessary downloads. They should be easily accessible for quick review and assessment of the kind of help they are looking for. Additionally, the price feature of $16.00 minimum per page for a University is very high compared to the value expected. Also, it’s didn’t meet One Freelance Limited company price police and it’s much higher. For this case, special discount more similar to fraud then benefit.

Paper Quality and Support

The quality of paper was low. When support was conducted to assess the quality and make changes, the responsiveness and reaction was unpleasant. There was no significant improvement made on the initial draft. There are no guarantees of quality for papers at each of the listed category. It is unlikely that a paper can be delivered in high quality without revisions.
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The services offered at leaves a lot to be desired. It is not a good choice of site for satisfactory writing work. Students will spend a lot of time placing orders here only to get disappointments in the end. Missing about us information sets thinking is legit? There are better services offering quality help at good prices.

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