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GradeMiners.com Review

grademiners.com main page review

In any website, the ‘About Us’ page should have content enough to enlighten the reader on what services are offered . The information provided in grademiners.com is however not enough to help anyone understand exactly what to expect. But it is usual for Writeperfect Ltd sites. So as reach out message “Leaving Already? :(”. See other sites of this company to make sure about it samedayessay.com (review), masterpapers.com (review) and so on. The list of customer service staff is overdone yet there is really little mentioned on the exact services they will be offering or assisting with. The grammar on grademiners.com page is also very wanting and would leave one wondering what kind of work to expect.

Site Usability

Well, credit can be given to grademiners.com for a good design since the arrangement is on point with use of relevant diagrams: the use of only two major colors on all the pages gives the site a professional touch that cannot be ignored. However, there are a number of grammatical errors popping up in almost every paragraph which is not a very good sign to interested customers. On the other hand, GradeMiners section with available support is a big plus for the website since interested customers will know that their needs are prioritized.

Services, Prices, Features

The offered grademiners.com price are considering to Writeperfect Ltd price policy which is starting from $14.90. Though not a guarantee, the photos of customer service staff on both the ‘About Us’ and the home pages is a special feature that customers would really appreciate: it’s an indication of how much GradeMiners value their customers’ satisfaction. The samples given on the blog are captivating and the grammar is better compared to that found in the home page.

Real Work Examples:

Gender Inequality in the United States
Level: High School; Standard: High Quality
Website: http://grademiners.com

Paper Quality and Support

The general quality of paper work was fine, but there are imperfections that could be harmful. The support is however impressive since they are keen to offer immediate response to concerns and their revision speed is faster than for other sites if Writeperfect Ltd.


There are no place for grademiners.com fraud on the first view. It might not be the best rated custom writing agency website, but they cold provide okay paper. GradeMiners design is the first good impression they give. They however need to perfect the grammar especially on the home and ‘About Us’ pages. Because it could cast a doubt on their service and it will be reasonable.

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