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Pro-Essay-Writer.Com Review

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The service pro-essay-writer.com bites more than it can chew. The service was started by college students, for college students and it promises high-quality and reliable services.

It's hard to say whether it is the best place to order a paper as there is no information about the customer support at the site.

Indeed, this is essential for an online writing company to make a good impression.

The blog and samples section are really useful but it's not enough for students to feel happy as a clam while using the service.

Site Usability

Pro-Essay-Writer has a user-friendly interface and offers a clear procedure of placing an order.

There are different sections at the site where users can check all important information: prices, contacts, FAQ, samples, etc. The only thing that should be improved is the content section at the homepage.

Most students will find it hard to access the information quickly. In fact, it’s not hard to see the differing sections, it’s hard to read the content in those sections. Long paragraphs and lack of lists kill any connection with customers.

Services, Prices, Features

The site offers the above average prices for its services. The prices for a college-level paper start from $14 while many online writing companies offer the same services for $10 per page.

Do the expensive prices guarantee the top-quality assistance? Not always. Well, most students won’t pay more if they can receive the same paper for a cheaper price.

The blog feature at Pro-Essay-Writer is nice and very useful for students as it presents plenty of good tips on writing and college life.

Paper Quality and Support

The paper provided from Pro-Essay-Writer was of mediocre quality. It was unique and contained a page of references that is very good, but the writing style was not professional.

It seemed like a writer didn’t do his best to prepare that paper.

Customer support representatives were friendly but not helpful at all. A quick turnaround is not about this service. Maybe this is a reason why they don’t specify any information about their support team at the site.


Surely, students can get good assistance from Pro-Essay-Writer but not the most professional one.

High prices don’t mean quality services, unfortunately. There are some nice features at the site but they should work on improving the quality of writing services and support.

Pro-Essay-Writer is definitely not the prime place to order a paper.

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