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If you google the company, you'll find Learnify.com - a Swedish company developing educational tools and having nothing to do with essay writing. That's not the company of interest for us.

The same brand name is used by another company Learnify OU registered in Tallinn and providing essay writing services. Their website learnify.ee is no more available. But after you pay for the order on any of their websites (listed below), you will get the PayPal receit with Learnify OU and the email address learnify.ee@gmail.com

Website: https://writemypaper4me.org

Main Services: http://writemyessay4me.org, http://pro-essay-writer.com, http://college-homework-help.org, http://justbuyessay.com, https://eduessayhelper.org/


Prices Start at $12


Number of Free Revisions Unlimited within 14 days after order delivery
Money Back Guarantee Yes
Minimal deadline 12 hours

Payment options:

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

Real Work Examples:

Gender Inequality in the United States
Level: Standard; Typer of Writer: Any Specialist
Website: https://writemypaper4me.org

Learnify OU is a real company ghost because there are no mentions with its brand name anywhere. Even the great EssayScam keeps silent about the company and its services. There are several reviews about specific websites, but those do not seem trustworthy and give very few details.

As to the testimonials there are both, of course, positive and negative. The main concern of the unsatisfied customers is poor paper quality. Here are some of the testimonials: «When I got my paper back it did not make sense and was completely plagiarized!», «they charged me $64.00 for a paper that was horribly written in which I graded a D»

One testimonial even gives a vivid example of paper quality:

«Only hire ENL writers (Natural english speakers). That is not true. My paper was clearly written by an ESL (English Second Language). The grammar was atrocious and I spent hours going through making obvious changes.

Example «Anxiety filled the air on the 7th of October of the same year when a surveillance plane of the US was shot down by a surface to air missile of the Soviet though such planes had regularly flown in the Cubas airspace without any interruptions for close to two weeks (President John F. Kennedy, 1962).» (source: https://www.sitejabber.com)

Also, customers complain about the financial side of the service.

There are testimonials, like «They state that they have a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”. NO THEY DON’T.» or «Asking for a refund was the worst run around. Even after countless emails with the proof of where they plagiarized, they keep on saying that they need to evaluate the claim!»

To check what of these statements are true and what are false we’ve decided to check one of the company’s websites.

Reviewed Website


The design is simple and conventional. Nothing really makes it stand out from other websites in the industry. The headlines are pretty silly, obviously written with SEO and promotional purpose, rather than with customers in mind. For example, the headline THE FEELING THAT YOU CAN ASK US TO WRITE A PAPER FOR ME makes little sense.

The good thing is that you can count the price of your order right on the home page using dynamic price calculator. The price table is rather clear and by clicking on the price of particular service you proceed to the order form already filled with basic order info. That saves a few minutes of your time.

Order Process

The order form is filled in one step, where you provide all the paper details and proceed to payment. The form itself is rather simple and intuitive, so it literally takes several minutes to fill it (if you know exactly what you want to order). You have to specify type of work, academic level, paper format (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard are available).

Then you choose the type of essay and the subject, fill in the title and paper details, provide the number of pages and sources. You can upload the materials right here if necessary. There is an option of choosing one of the top 10 writers. When you check it, you automatically add $7.50 to your order price.

Tricky thing: The customer representative admitted that not all the writers are native speakers, «Dear customer, most of our writers are native speakers, however we also hire writers from all around the world to accommodate the needs of foreign students. We will assign the most suitable writer according to the information you specify in the order form and “paper details” field.

However, you can not request for an ENL writer when making your order. So you just have to rely on their choice and hope to get the native speaker for your order.

If you are a new customer you have to provide your e-mail and telephone number before you proceed to payment.

Order delivery:

Order placed: October 28
Order complete: October 30
Order in process: 2 days
Delivered: 8 days in advance

When the order is complete you get the email notification. The letter we received said ‘A copy of your paper will also be emailed to you’. But it was actually never emailed to us, so the only place we could get the paper was website dashboard.

Tricky thing! Once we’ve logged out and left the site we couldn’t find the login page to get back to the dashboard. And by entering the URL writemypaper4me.org/dashboard we only found the 404 page. So, there was no way for us to login to the dashboard, which is very frustrating.

Paper Quality:

Though the paper has no grammar or stylistic mistakes the quality can not be graded high. First of all, the information presented in one page essay is not coherent. There is no logical connection between different parts of the text, so it seems as the writer took different sources and combined the information without even trying to analyze it and present as a holistic work.

Separate sentences do not make sense, for example «Women in the US have become educated and economically stable where they have their homes and businesses.» There are also a lot of sentences which are difficult to read and comprehend. The introduction and conclusions are really weak and do not present any personal opinion of the student, who would hae to submit this paper.


First of all, they do not have telephone number on their website. So you can’t call them if necessary. You can only use online chat or write an email, which is not the fastest way to solve problems. The emails you receive from them are impersonal.

Hello, dear Client,
Your order *** has been successfully completed.
You can download it from your personal account page at: http://writemypaper4me.org/dashboard. A copy of your paper will also be emailed to you.
Should you have any questions or concerns – do not hesitate to contact us right away.
Kind regards

We’ve tried to communicate with support representative via online chat. We’ve asked the general question about the possible number of revisions and the answer was – Kindly tell me your order ID

The next answers were also stereotyped and cliche, as if we were speaking to the ebot, not a live person. For example, the answer to the question about contacting the writer was: You may leave your message for the writer from your dashboard, however no personal contact between the customer and the writer are not allowed.



  • fast order delivery
  • no spelling and grammar mistakes
  • easy to use order form and dashboard


  • no guarantees of ENL writing
  • no proper support
  • minimal deadline — 12 hours
  • poor paper content quality

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